The American Cinematheque – if you’re in Los Angeles, you owe it to your self to catch a classic flic at one of their theaters

Fabulously Fermented – the reviews on craft beer have steered me toward many a tasty brew

Find A Grave – like the wikipedia for cemeteries, this website has given me information that really helped my genealogy search

I Am Maru – I’m a little obsessed with this Japanese cat

Jew or Not a Jew – great write ups and on celebrities, politicians, and fictional characters. Afterall, haven’t you always wondered if Puff the Magic Dragon was Jewish?

Manhattan Nest – great interior design blog. I used his d.i.y. for an upholstered bed

MI-6 – a fan site with all the James Bond news you could ever want

Prince Charles Cinema – if you’re in London, this cinema in Leicester Square is awesome for its mix of classics and first run films

Regretsy – how many hours have been spent laughing at the bizarre things people make? way too many

Undaunted Me – a travel blog


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